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Baltimore Ravens Inaugural Season 1996, Coca-Cola Bottle
BALTIMORE RAVENS INAUGURAL SEASON 1996, COCA-COLA FULL 8 OZ. BOTTLE. Shows Ravens winged crest on the back of this special Coke bottle. Issued for the First season of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. This full bottle is in excellent condition 1+ condition with no noticeable imperfections.
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Johnny Unitas 1933-2002, eulogy program
JOHNNY UNITAS 1933-2002, 9 X 18 fold-out eulogy program. Johnny Unitas is on the front of the program. On the inside of the program is a picture of Johnny Unitas throwing the football in a NFL game. The back of the program tells of Johnny Unitas’ statistics, and the honors he received, and the records he holds. It also tells of the Statue erected on front of Baltimore’s Raven Stadium. It also tells of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Foundation, Inc and the donors and contributors. This program was not given out at the Stadium. This eulogy program is in excellent 1+ condition.
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SUPER BOWL XXII, 1 1/2 x 4 inch brush gold metal key ring.
SUPER BOWL XXII, 1 1/2 x 4 inch brush gold metal key ring. Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, January 31, 1988, REDSKINS VS BRONCOS. Other side of key ring looks like a Super Bowl Ticket. This key ring is in excellent mint condition, never used. It is like the day it was made 15 years ago.
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