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At Breweriana Collector's Store I pride myself in providing a wide variety of breweriana collectibles and beverage memorabilia including, but not limited to, Cone Tops, Flat Tops, Pull Tabs, Foreign cans, and starter collections, at reasonable prices. I also have a huge selection of Patches, Trays, Signs, Mirrors, Openers, Tap Handles, and Labels. Outside of beer cans and brewery items, I have various other collectibles such as Glassware, Soda Cans and Lighted Signs. I cater to both the advanced collector as well as the beginner, offering items as little as $2.00 to items in the $2000.00 range.

My name is George Shaw and I've been collecting and distributing brewery items for nearly 30 years, working out of my home and garage in Beltsville, MD. Leaving the Library of Congress in 1977, I decided to start this business with the goal of providing all people with a means to start or expand a fun, exciting, interesting, and affordable hobby...Beer Can Collecting! In addition, collecting these items can be quite profitable and adventurous. For example, a lot of collectors will frequent flea markets, yard sales and garage sales, where occasionally you may pick up an item for very little money. When you get home and research the item, you may find it to be worth quite a bit more than you paid...sort of like a treasure hunt. Besides collecting brewery items, there are other areas you may want to venture into, such as becoming a distributor, a retailer, an appraiser, opening your own store or shop, or a show hopper. You may also consider holding or organizing your own show, starting a local collector's club or just setting up a very nice display to impress your family and friends.

During my time in the business, I have met some very interesting and wonderful people of all ages, from all over. I have even established and maintained some solid friendships with people I have encountered at beer can and breweriana shows, through mail correspondence and over the internet. Venturing into this world, you will establish a bond with other collectors, whether it's through the love of the many different can designs, the excitement of acquiring rare brewery or soda item, or just sharing stories with the folks you meet along the way. Even if you decide to stop collecting, the worst thing would happen is you've made some new friends. Through the years, most people I have met are friendly, kind, courteous, honest, and more than willing to share information about breweriana collecting. All in all, this is a wonderful realm for both the casual hobbiest and the avid collector. A realm where people from all demographics enjoy and have something in common...brewery memorabilia collecting. Thank you for visiting and please come back often. I am frequently adding new items.

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